Carob flour & buckwheat, walnuts & almonds organic cereals from Thessaloniki -„Joice Foods“ 350g

Organic cereals with carob flour & buckwheat, walnuts & almonds, from Thessaloniki «Cereously Organic» „Joice Foods“
Ideal for children from the 1st year of age. No additives, no added sugar, rich in manganese, good source of fibre and phosphorus. It’s ideal for people with high blood pressure.
The high levels of vitamins, such as vitamins A and B-2, are good for your skin and eye health.



Carob flour & buckwheat, walnuts & almonds organic cereals from Thessaloniki -"Joice Foods"

Is a low-calorie, naturally sweet alternative to chocolate. It is rich in filling fiber and low in fat. Fiber, the indigestible part of carbohydrate, has been linked to a healthier weight, improved blood sugar control, and reduced cholesterol.

Carob can also help with weight loss since consumption helps to decrease the amount of ghrelin (the hunger hormone) produced in the body and therefore overall appetite.

Variety of Bioactive Compounds
Contain bioactive compounds such as dietary fiber, polyphenols, flavonoids, cyclitols, (like d-pinitol) and tannins. These compounds have been associated with a variety of health benefits including, glycemic (blood sugar) control, cholesterol reduction, anticancer effects, and many more.

Rich in Phytochemicals
Is rich in phytochemical compounds that have been shown in scientific literature to have antitumor, antiproliferative, and proapoptotic activity (the disassembly of a cell). One of its phytochemicals, quercetin (which is also found in apples) has been shown to promote the death of leukemic cancer cells.

Additionally, many animal studies suggest the beneficial effects of carob compounds on a variety of different cancers. Keep in mind that these studies are conducted on animals, and more research is indicated to determine the anticancer effects of carob on humans.

Good Source of Minerals
Is a non-dairy source of calcium. Two tablespoons contain about 4% of the daily value recommended for calcium. Studies show that calcium-rich diets may decrease the risk of osteoporosis and aid in weight management.

Carob fruits also contain important minerals including iron, copper, zinc, manganese, nickel, barium, and cobalt.

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