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Heather honey is a unique type of honey with an intense aroma and flavour and mild sweetness. It helps prevent problems of the digestive and urinary system, it has many antioxidants and also has antimicrobial use, which make it great for the maintenance of good health. It is great with greek yogurt or even on ice cream!


Amazing Greek flavors in one jar! You are going to love this wonderful and delicious spread made with red peppers, tomato, feta cheese and extra virgin olive oil. Let your imagination free and use this paté to enrich all kinds of dishes. You can use it as a sauce for pizza, you can dip your kale chips in it, or even have a spoonful with your red meat or chicken.


The origin of moussaka has been debated several times, but to us, what is more important than anything else is that we just love it, no matter who thought of it first and where it comes from. This is why we were delighted to see that now it comes in a jar and that we can enjoy it anytime, as a dip or spread on bread, pizza, rusks, or even with pasta. But its best use, in our opinion, is with a salad of grilled vegetables.


Gemelli with smoked paprika are a perfect base for pasta salads. Of course you can enjoy them with this box’s moussaka in a jar or tomato pepper paté. This pasta is produced from the highest quality Greek traditional variety of durum wheat called “Mavragani”. The grain is stone ground into flour in order to maintain all of its natural characteristics. Finally, the pasta is slowly air dried at low temperatures ensuring that most of both natural aroma and flavor remain unharmed.


Sage is nothing less than a medicine at our disposal. It has antiseptic, expectorant and spasmolytic properties. It also helps in the good function of the stomach and heart, while it is also used against neuralgia. Dried herbs from “Adam Village” come from certified organic farmers from the regions of Grevena, Thesprotia, Thessaloniki, Kozani and Samos.