Urbangrains Feta Cheese (the entire slab)
One pack of fyllo
Urbangrains pine honey
Sesame seeds
Urbangrains Extra Virgin Olive Oil for frying

Step 1: Lay the fyllo on a clean, straight surface. Place Urbangrains feta cheese slab at the far right (or left, wherever it suits you) of the fyllo.
Step 2: Start rolling the feta slab on the fyllo, making sure it covers the feta, and “envelope” it so as you leave no loose ends
Step 3: In a frying pan, add half a cup of Urbangrains olive oil and heat to maximum. When the olive oil is ready, lower the temperature by two degrees, i.e if your hob has an index of 6, lower it to 4.
Add the pie to the frying pan and cook well from all sides. The cheese will soften, if not melt in the center but it won’t spill out.Fry until golden.Step 4: When you think it is ready, remove from the pan and place it on a plate. Add Urbangrains pine honey top with sesame seeds – eat while hot!
Thank you Urbangrains for this great Feta recipe !