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Special packaging is not the only one that differentiates Born In Greece products, but the excellent quality and unique content as well.
Five handmade marmalades (70% fruit content), differ from the ordinary, in amazing and particular combinations of fresh fruit with chocolate, Verbena and cinnamon (apple cinnamon, strawberry, black chocolate, strawberry white chocolate, orange chocolate, peach with Louisa) make you smell flavors from home and real feeling of fresh fruit without preservatives, pectin and flavors additives. Jam only made from fresh produce with every stage of production to be like the one our moms used to do at home. Four excellent quality honeys from Crete (thyme, cinnamon Ceylon, with whole hazelnuts and honey from orange blossom). We interviewed  George Kalogeropoulos to find more about BIG and share with us his story.

Interview with BIG ( Born In Greece )
Tell us a little bit about your company. When and how did you start your business? How did you decide to get involved in the food industry?

Since George and Vincent were in Scotland for the needs of their graduate studies, they noticed that the Greek products were popular among their friends from other countries. Whenever they returned from Greece to Scotland they brought together, the famous Greek olive oil, honey and jams from their home. These delicacies food were shared with friends from different countries from all over the world who liked very much. So, they started thinking to deal with something that both loved, and could be successful abroad. Then they thought that all the products on the shelves look alike so we wanted to differentiate themselves from the ordinary. But how? By giving ofcourse Greek identity on their products. At first they wanted a clever pun that attracts the attention of those who would see and distinguish it from the others in the shelves. After lots of thoughts and disagreements, BIG was created! BIG at first sight, but the most important is the phrase resulting from the acronym: and so Born In Greece was created! But this was not enough in order to have a complete Greek identity. They noticed what other products did not have; the images of the people who prepare the goods! Traditional female figures, as in the past, that made homemade marmalades for the family and people who collect honey from nature. Men beekeepers as we know from the past with the hives and what honeycombs reflect what you want to promote, the authenticity of their products.

We would like to know more about the ingredients you use in your products. Where do you find them? Which are criteria by which you choose them, and how important are the raw materials for you?

Quality raw materials, experienced and certified producers is what matters. Products formulated exclusively from fresh produce, handmade, without preservatives and colorants, only with natural aromas. The ingredients are pure with no processed additives. Honey harvest is being gathered through traditional techniques. All products are quality assured (IFS, ISO, FDA, DIO)

What potential do you think that Greek products have in the global market?

Greek products are known worldwide because they are pure, traditional and tasty. Extra virgin olive oil, honey, cheeses and many more can be found in almost every store across Europe.

What are the most important challenges that a Greek producer has to face today? And also, what do you love the most about your business?

The main challenges are to make our products known as much as possible so that more and more people will taste Greek modern delicacies. What we love is that we are working on a field we have been studied and appreciate so much. Premium products are our passion and unique tastes are what we are looking for!

What do you think makes your products special? Can you pick out and present us the ones you think are more interesting?

If your goal is to have premium products such as the BIG ones, you must have the appropriate partners. The choice of these partners was carefully made and took time in order to ensure the highest possible quality of the final products. All producers are certified and experienced in the field of production. The range of products includes a series of marmalades and honeys in unexpected combinations. Apple-cinnamon marmalade, strawberry with dark chocolate marmalade, peach with Verbena leafs marmalade and honey with Ceylon cinnamon are some of the products of our range. Moreover, the packaging differs from what we are used to see in the market. The logo and label design gives a modern twist to these traditionally Greek products in a way that makes the brand youthful, artistic and playful. The logo’s font strongly refers to the art of tattooing. Various tastes and flavors are highlighted by the use of colors and different men and women’s black silhouettes

Why did you decide to put your products in a MontlyFlavors box? We would like you to send a message to our subscribers, in and outside of Greece.

Monthly flavors introduce the finest premium Greek products to the world. Special handmade boxes, made with lots of love, travel from Greece directly to you. Carefully selected products are included in these boxes that differ each month and bring you the best Mediterranean delicacies. This is the best way to introduce Born in Greece products around the world.

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