It all starts around almost 100 years ago in a warm, fragrant wood oven in Andros. Where grandpa Remoundos began to mold his own story, with materials passion, inspiration and love for pastries. Equipped with the most pure recipes, Stamatis Remoundos and his brothers ‘sail’ to the capital, where the bakery made quite an impression at urban Athens of the 20’s.

The years go by and the generations change but grandfather’s tastefully recipes is the stable inheritance of the Remoundos’ family. This is how the yeast and the reputation of Remoundos’ family bakery begin to swell as dough! In 1992 Athenian Family Bakery Ferro and the Greek tradition established by the culinary exploration, come together in new, ever more imaginative pastries.

Creative baking times are endless! In the following years, FERRO’ range acquires its own sweetness, with new product ranges: wafer rolls and French hearts while the business of the company is constantly growing, with the same enthusiasm for new culinary challenges, purity of recipes, and unrivaled quality materials. Today, Athenian Family Bakery Ferro products have grown: Flavors for all ages, sweet or savory alltimes, from breakfast to brunch, at the office or in the evening that carry the healthy values of our tradition. Flavors that have made history, because they hide inside their taste of the secret … What else? FERRO’!


Our philosophy is simple …: Imagination in baking.

With this philosophy grew three generations of the family, to create baked delicacies traveling the Greek tradition worldwide.

Our core values, taste and quality. These are fermented daily in the ovens of FERRO with new ideas that combine the past and present. These are formed with each of our business step. This opens up the appetite for new culinary adventures to tantalise the value of Greek food.

This is the secret of taste FERRO’: Excellent raw materials we choose carefully and passion for the high score on each delicious recipe.

This is how, with faith in our values and guided imagination, managed to combine tradition with innovation and have a constant innovative path for almost 100 years! So we will continue to bake daily favorite pastries and for your own family, for generations yet!


Breadsticks with sesame

The everyday luxury tradition! Not only is the authentic recipe that it is unparalleled in the Greek market. It is pure, well-chosen materials and, above all, the selected sesame, who “dresses” in gold these precious nutritional value bars. In our classic flavor, we use only AA’ screening sesame and generously sprinkle over the breadsticks that – if not already – will become the treasure of your diet!


Crispy puff pastry with caramelized sugar and the sweetest day starts with FERRO’ Palmiers!

The perfect accompaniment to tea or coffee all around the clock! The recipe is well known and loved around the world. Palmiers are sprinkled with sugar and baked slowly until the puff pastry obtains the golden color and the crispy texture, sugar caramelizes gently on her, catapulting enjoyment!

Cookies with 40% Belgian Chocolate chips

Crunchy cookies with a blend of rich Belgian dark and milk chocolate chips. A cookie baked truly for chocolate lovers!

Wheat Breadsticks slightly salted

The ideal choice for the lovers of simplicity! In Wheat breadsticks FERRO’ the fluffy dough is well baked to acquire gold color, crisp texture and the warm smell of bread just being baked. Both fluffy eaten plain, but comes with excellent and some cheese, one slice of turkey and of course, your daily meal!

Macedonian Wheat Breadsticks

What is missing from the Wheat Macedonian breadsticks? Only preservatives and Trans Fats. They are a natural source of iron, a rich source of fiber with unsurpassed taste of Greece. Who said that delicious can not be nutritious? FERRO’ can do it for you!