Agria Gea is a newborn company consisting of the families of Agriodima’s siblings. Our roots are based at the beginning of the last century, but our reference is grandpa Dimitris and grandma Chrysouli, who 50 years before our foundation, with affection, love, and care, planted their first trees. Their children, Panagiota, Giannis, and Christos, grew along with the beautiful olive groves and orange trees in the particular Laconian Earth, developing the same passion and respect for its fruits.

Today, third-generation producers, with great long experience, the advantage of education and deep respect for tradition, we continue producing high quality and excellently tasted agricultural products. In 2018, forcefully we operated in the field of standardization, fulfilling a long-term dream to share our products, the ones with which we grew up and loved, with those who are selective in taste and prudent to their health.

Interview with Papachristoforou Christina


We would like to know more about the ingredients you use in your products. Where do you find them? Which are criteria by which you choose them, and how important are the raw materials for you?

100% of our ingredients are from our very own certified production. The best fruits of our olive and orange groves are collected the exact time in order to develop superb products. We have particularly strict standards with first goal the safety and the pursuit of constant quality. Science and experience are our allies in the seek of the best fruits. After all, for us, raw materials are the essence of every product, of every meal. 

What do you think makes your products special? Can you pick out and present us the ones you think are more interesting?

We choose not to claim that we have the best products. But we always try to prove that our products belong among the best. This is why we collaborate with the best Greek Universities and Laboratories for the confirmation of our product’s quality. We want to make sure that what you taste from us will be more than a good ingredient, it will be a health encase. You used try our Awarded Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, certified with health claim for high phenolic content, with the deep aromas and the mild, slightly spicy with a special fruity taste and the extremely organic features, or our hot beverages from olive leaves with the health-protective properties.

What are the most important challenges that a Greek producer has to face today? And also, what do you love the most about your business?

Entrepreneurship is a true challenge in Greece. From high taxation to enormous bureaucracy, the decision to be a part of the food industry seems deterrent. Especially the small producers feel the pressure of competition and the difficulties of recognizability and distribution. But being a successful entrepreneur means to overcome all the obstacles. And that’s what we attempt. To stay focused and consistent even in this status quo. The pleasure is even bigger when recognition comes through the loyalty and trust of our contented consumers.


Why did you decide to put your products in a MontlyFlavors box?

MonthlyFlavors Box is a fresh, alternative and above all innovative way for Greek quality products to be introduced directly to the people who are seeking for them. We are delighted that our products are included in this project.

We would like you to send a message to our subscribers, outside of Greece.

Adopting a healthy way of life is not a trend. Is a survival need. And quality raw materials should be the base for every nutrient meal. Seek for true premium products and no fancy packing. We believe that Greek producers have to offer you some of the best ingredients, take advantage of them!

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Extra virgin olive oil-Agria Gea, 500ml (International Silver Award 2018)


Premium extra virgin olive oil from Laconia.
A golden-green color and intense, deep aroma, slightly spicy with a special fruity taste.
Winner of International silver 2018 award.
Limited edition small batch.


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