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An exceptional olive paste from fine olives from the «Manaki» variety. For the maturing of the olives, a traditional family method is followed, and is the secret behind its characteristic rich taste. The paste does not contain added salt or preservatives, and for its extra taste only the finest herbs and spices are used. Enjoy!


The Martavatzoglou family produces hand made products in its modern facilities in northern Greece, in Giannitsa, according to the standards ISO 22000. With more than 45 years of experience and tradition, all their products are of excellent quality. They use cereals from local producers of Giannitsa, and the plateaus of Chalkidiki. The milk and eggs are from certified farms of Kilkis. This couscous is produced in the traditional method, in which semolina is mixed with water, then rolled in flour and left to dry in the sun.


Another very different and original spread for your snacks and starters. Peas are a great and healthy food and they have been used since ancient times, mostly in their dry form. They are rich in proteins and carbohydrates and at the same time have little fat. Mint gives an extra great taste to the peas.


Juicy, sweet navel oranges, coarsely diced and with enough of their rind to add some bitterness and extra flavor, boiled in raw sugar. This rich marmalade will make your breakfast as tasty as it can be, but not only that: you can spread some of it between two biscuits of chocolate and you have such an easy and yummy snack for your kids, especially if you prepare it together. But you can also use it in cooking. Simply mix a spoonful of marmalade together with some olive oil and lemon juice to make a delicious dressing for your green or potato salads.


Linden tea is used to fight colds, cough, fever, infections, inflammation, high blood pressure, headaches and migraines. It is diuretic, antispasmodic, and sedative. It is used for the treatment of disorders of the respiratory tract, against fever and flu. It enhances our immune system and protects our heart. It also reduces cholesterol. Add two teaspoons of linden in hot water, let it rest for about 10 minutes and enjoy!